Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine

Cooking Academy 2: World Cuisine 32.0

Win the Annual World Culinary Workshop and learn about different types of foods
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Cooking Academy is a great fun game and a good challenge. The main objective of this game is to prepare the recipe of each order in the least time possible. This game has different levels where you will learn about different types of food. You must prepare Chinese cuisine, among many recipes. Work for the Golden Dragon Restaurant and make this business grow. To serve an order you must select the necessary ingredients and prepare the recipe provided. Satisfy all your customers and be fast serving your orders. You must earn a certain amount of money and prepare a certain amount of orders to complete your task. In this game you will enjoy hosting the Golden Dragon, you will learn about Chinese food and the magic of its cuisine. Playing this game is very simple, use your mouse and place it over the ingredient you need, and press left mouse button to use that ingredient. You must use the correct proportion in each recipe to have the order correct. Make your business grow and buy new ingredients for new recipes.

Birgilio Rivera
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